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Default Migrating to ISPC3 from other panels (here: plesk)

I don't know if this discussion has already been there, but I didn't find any.

I am using ISPC3 nearly since it came out, but one of my servers is still running plesk. This is because there are some customers on it, that I do not want to bother with recreating their mail addresses and passwords and so on.

I did some analysing on the plesk database and found that (at least on my server) all passwords are stored in plain text. So it should be possible to migrate all the data to ISPC without having to recreate any passwords for the customers.
I don't know when I will have enough spare time, but I plan to write a "simple" migration script that converts from plesk to ISPC3 via the remote API. This script should also copy over all the web contents from the plesk server and automatically change the web root inside of the web files.

What I like to ask is, whether I should try to implement this as a feature of ISPC or as a standalone script. Usually I use perl for this kind of work, this would be a standalone script of course.

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