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to establish the brand "ISPConfig" you need to be (1.) found by the right keywords by the Google and Bing Search, (2.) reviews and articles on big sites people are turning for help on finding open-source software and/or control panels + (3.) word of mouth.
  • optimized website (on the way) (technically)
    • no duplicate content
    • well maintained content incl always up-to-date feature list
    • right usage of <h*> and <ul>-elements -> ups the siterank
  • optimized website (on the way) (visually)
    • rival the professional and understated design of commercial product sites
    • by presentation ISPConfig is a wolf in sheep's clothing - the wolf needs to show some teeth
    • show off!!
  • directly engage
    • blogs and web news sites (like t3n, smashing magazine, etc) to review and write about the software
    • user (hoster, admins) to proudly announce the great feature "ISPConfig control panel" with a backlink to (like you do in
  • be more open to the public
    • list developers on the website with "positions"/responsibilities -> might stimulate contributors
    • provide statistics of dl/month, man-hours invested in development or problems/errors resolved
    • show off the progress in development (on GitHub you see all kind of stats showing the progress and the activity generated by contributors; I know Git is not your choice, no offense:
    • feature comparison with "all" other control panels (a big plus for ISPConfig)
    • open reference-list for users to add their sites to
    • tell people how to contribute on the website
      • open "positions" (php-dev, designer, forum admin, social media team (twitter and facebook could profit from a few dedicated reps)
      • ask for tweets about ISPC
      • let them contribute e.g. by using the Amazon-Partnerprogramm -> earnings should be published and used e.g. for external services like Hootsuite or the acquisition of graphic resources if needed

Again a lot from me. Sorry
Christian Foellmann

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