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Talking How to better reach the community?

Hi fellow users and devs,

to not bore you with long text I will cut it short.

Big commercial and proprietary control panels/management suites are by nature backed by a (large) company investing in marketing to reach their potential customers and sell the product.
cPanel/WHM and Parallels are big players making big bucks with the licenses for products not even superior to ISPConfig 3.

Open-Source does not need to hide from proprietary software. It needs to compete with it.

Therefore I wish for ISPConfig to be more approachable.
The community is very important for an open-source project and I think a little marketing might help expanding the reach and maybe help increase contributions.

I have a little free time coming my way and I would love to invest it in ISPConfig.

My ideas:
  1. develop a "simple" corporate design to streamline homepage, twitter, facebook, documentations and the rest; new logo -> brand recognition
  2. overhaul of the public website ( are there more tlds?)
  3. overhaul of the publicly available development resources
  4. add public mailing lists (dev="chat" for dev related topics, announce=announcement of new versions)
  5. add FAQ DB like
  6. engage users on twitter and facebook (both sites might need a design change)
  7. LATER: engage big scene sites (open-source, web, dev, webmaster-sites) to take a look at
please give me some input or shoot me down

What are your plans for the future? Interested in me helping out?
Christian Foellmann

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