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Lightbulb Multiple PHP versions


I wonder if it would be possible (and would make sense, of course) to add the possibility of choosing different php versions when in fcgi mode (and maybe fpm).
As php 5.4 is the most recent version right now (5.3 on debian stable), I have to add a manually compiled php 5.2.17 for some customers because of the major changes from 5.2 to 5.3.
It would be much easier being able to choose the php version from the ispc admin instead of configuring this by hand for each affected client / web.

Maybe there could be a conf/ini file where one can provide the different installed php versions and their paths (like /usr/bin/php52/php-cgi and /etc/php52/php.ini) and the "default" php version is always added automatically in the interface select box.

I think this could make some server updates a lot easier if there is a new major php version. You could set all clients/webs to a manually compiled php version (maybe using a script and the remoting api) and then upgrade the server without breaking all the incompatible webs.

What do you think?
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