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Default cannot add users

In the admin gui, I can add a new user to an existing site, assign a name, an email address, everything.
However the user cannot logon to receive mail.
When I look into the /var/www/web10/user path, I can see the existing users.
The new user doesn't show up. Also in the /etc/passwd there's no sign of the new user, nor is the new user in /etc/group.

This makes me think the user isn't created on the linux machine.

To check this, I moved the ispconfig.log to ispconfig_old.log and create a new file (as root). Then when i tried to edit things, I got a permissions error, which led me to the logfile, which was owned by root of course, so I set the permissions.

This reminded me I had some issues a while a go, with passwd and group being empty, I had to recover the file from a backup an that fixed the problem back then.

Could it be the admispconfig user doesn't have sufficient rights to add users?
How can I check that?

Hope I get an answer soon, as I need to add 10+ users to a site

I tried editing a forward mail address, that isn't saved as well... It keeps forwarding the mail to the old mail address, while the gui says it forwards to another address

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