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Originally Posted by TiTex View Post
how about
it has all you need beside Ruby/Postgres which you'll have to install , has ispconfig3 for control panel has nginx and mail postfix/dovecot.
even if it has control panel nobody stops you to use the command line
But does that increase the chance of something breaking if I upgrade something? (With Virtualmin (on Debian) I upgraded Postgres but couldn't get it to play with virtualmin - also ended up breaking postfix/dovcot as yum decided to uninstall vritualmin-base when I uninstalled the old postgres). Hence I am a little reluctant lol.

Also, do control panels use up resources?
And do they add additional security risks?

I would love to see a how-to guide that sets up the usual lamp along with email (with guidelines on how to configure and use such a set-up). I reckon it would be very popular
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