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2. It created a file in "/var/named" called (Not sure where it got the "pri" from??)
- Below I Changed the IP to ones that aren't mine.
Thats ok, so need to remove it. You just have to add the ns1 and ns2 as A records as well as in your case the nameserver domain is part of the same zone. See topic glue records which has been discussed and explained. several times here already.

What is the difference in the way BIND is installed here:

- And how it is installed here:

The first one installs bind as chroot but is a tutorial for a different version, is there any reason why bind wasn't installed as chroot on the centos6.2 howto?
Just follow the guide that fits your centos version. Your setup was right as I explained above, you just missed to add two records in your zone.
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