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Default avoiding internet spies

I've been using ISPC3 for a while now and I'm looking for a solution to the problem of internet spy sites who spy on the domains hosted on a given webserver.

They go as far as doing traceroutes, finding out the hostname, etc.
Some are pretty good in snooping around and finding information I'd rather keep a secret.
For example, the local church isn't thrilled to learn that a porn site is on the same server.

So I'm looking for a solution that makes that type of tracing totally impossible.

Someone said to me that in theory it is maybe possible to host domains in such a manner that every domain gets its own IP, nameservers and hostname, so that mails would also get sent from a hostname specific to each domain.

Is that possible with ISPConfig?

The next question would be which hoster would allow me to get 50 IPs in different subnets for use on one dedicated server?

Thanks for your help.
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