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Default ssl problem configuring website

Hi lads

quick question

i have got ispconfig 3.4.5 latest version running, i have setup a few websites

none of them use SSL at the moment, but as i have seen the feature in the manual and also available in my control panel i have decided to make some testing

i have selected the option ssl whilst adding the new website, and also went to the ssl config page and have filled out all information , estate, country, address, deparment etc, afterall i have selected option Create ssl and pressed save.

so far so good i can also navigate via FTP in to the new website folder and i can see the ssl certificates etc.

but when i try to login to website with https://xxxxxxxx it gives me a error

on my mozilla firefox, as i know its not mozilla firefox as i have configured ISPPanel webif to use https and it works fine , so as other sites also with https.

but on my newly site created for testing it comes up the following message

SSL received a registration that exceede the max lenght size permitted.

(error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

Does anyone have ideas of what i am doing wrong ?? also do i need to edit something in the ETC/apache2/sites enabled config for my new site?
if so how shall i do it in order to get the new site working ok with ssl?

Any help will be appreciated lads, and sorry for any newby kind of question as i have been just running isp litle under 6months so still learning as it goes by.

P.S - I have tested opening the new site withou ssl and it opens ok http://xxx

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