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Default trouble with WAN config

hi neofire -
I finally tried to implement my cluster in a live environment yesterday but couldn't get the WAN configured correctly. No matter what, I was not able to ping the gateway from PFSense.

We have a block of static ip addresses and the gateway is within that block but on the ISPs router.

One issue I had was having two gateways with the exact same name. When I'd set the gateway on the assign interfaces page, I chose the gw with the provider's ip address. But on the status interface page, I saw it was using the gateway with the same name but a LAN ip address. Finding the "edit gateways" page seems to be a matter of luck, eventually I deleted the wrong gateway. But even after that was still not able to ping the gateway trying various configurations despite the ISP seeing our side connected (but not passing traffic).

How should PFSense be configured when you have a CIDR block and the gateway falls within the block but is on the ISPs router?
eg if our netblock is
gw =
assigned ips =

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