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Originally Posted by till View Post
... dont contain theming information or styles ...
The files in *module*/templates/ are theme files which define structure by using fieldsets, divs, hr and other html tags.
For me all tags except for framing tags (like <li>) of data output should be considered theme. Especially <br> is totally killing themability -> not best practice.
The module provides vars for output in various formats used in the theme.

I hope you understand my critique the way it is intended. As constructive input. I am really interested in ISPC and just trying to help improve it.

Since I have not heard back from you after my mail to let me say that I would be happy to do the major work for this modification as long as someone else provides the mod for the php class(es).

Beside the modification I would like to smooth out the default theme. I found a lot of minor inconsistencies and errors in the template files while rebuilding them for my theme.
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