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Default phpmyadmin 500 error, just on one server

I have a Ubuntu 10.04 server and a new Ubuntu 12.04 server. On both the servers the phpmyadmin files are the same. But on the 12.04 server I get a 500 server error.

I read multiple posts about the problem and followed the tips there. But still do not get it to work. Not on :8080/phpmyadmin or domain.tld/phpmyadmin

My apache2 logfile does not show a error. Only the init set error, but that is just a warning.

Is there a way to let phpmyadmin log the error's, or is this a apache problem?

On the server I have ossec-hids, apc, memcache, mod_deflate and mod_security installed. Removed theme all, restarted the server, but still not working. Same software is also installed on the 10.04 server, and there phpmyadmin is working.

Where else can I look to find the error?

Thanks for your help.
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