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Default Update problem on all ftp users ( not working )

I just updated to ISPConfig on ubuntu 10.04 and There is a weird behavior on the ftp users. The update changed all the ftp users on resellers clients.

Details of problem:

I have the following:
Reseller1 has client1 who resell to client 2

Before update to ispconfig3 managed ftp user like the following:
In this case ftpuser= client1client2
There were no mention of reseller1 at all!

Now after update all ftp user have the following:
[clientname]ftpuser but
In this case ftp user= reseller1client1client2
Which is not good because the client2 doesn't know reseller1
This causes big problem because none of the ftp users on the system are working

Is this a bug? And can it be fix?
Any suggestions on how to fix this exept recreating all ftp users?

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