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Default PHP system call hangs on mailman restart

Thanks for the update.

Please note that on my CentOS 6.2 x64 system the script hanged after restarting the mailman service. Looking at the script, I see the restart line for mailmain in update.php:

mkdir ~/src
tar xzpf ISPConfig-3-stable.tar.gz
cd ispconfig3_install/install
vi update.php

Because the script hangs, I have to kill the update process with a CTRL-C. This leaves some services not restarted or reloaded. The line in which the problem happens is this:

if($conf['mailman']['init_script'] != '' && is_executable($conf['init_scripts'].'/'.$conf['mailman']['init_script'])) system($conf['init_scripts'].'/'.$conf['mailman']['init_script'].' restart');

I note that this problem disappears if I change the above to:

if($conf['mailman']['init_script'] != '' && is_executable($conf['init_scripts'].'/'.$conf['mailman']['init_script'])) system("nohup ".$conf['init_scripts'].'/'.$conf['mailman']['init_script'].' restart'.">/dev/null 2>&1 &");

I did confirm that the mailman init script does, in fact, terminal normally. Just why the php system call fails, I haven't determined, but the above workaround does work.
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