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Default IPv6 problems


I set up an domain/DNS with IPv6 in the ispconfig admin and it worked for a while, however, now it has just disappeared.

"puma:~# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
Restarting web server: apache2[Sun May 13 10:24:23 2012] [warn] NameVirtualHost 2a02:750:5::260:443 has no VirtualHosts
... waiting [Sun May 13 10:24:24 2012] [warn] NameVirtualHost 2a02:750:5::260:443 has no VirtualHosts"

How can the DNS post for the IPv6 first work and than just disappear without changes in the sipconfig admin and without changes to any host files?

And how do I get it to work again?:-)

I am offering new clients a free IPv6 so really need it to work and appreciate all suggestions.

Kind regards/Michael
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