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Default Corrupted /etc/shadow


I'm not sure if it's a ISPConfig related issue, but you'll tell me.

My server is a Debian 6 installation more or less conform to Falko's perfect server tutorial. ISPConfig is 2.2.35.

My /etc/shadow and /etc/passwd files got corrupted, root account included.

I fortunately managed to recover things (short night), but would like to have a hint of what happened.

Just before everything got down, I was configuring things on a domain name I registered but never used before :

It is the first domain I configure which is not "standard" (not .fr, .com, .net or .org).

I noticed that my shadow file was truncated just before the users related to that domain.

May ISPConfig have messed up the file because of the unusual domain name ?

Thanks for reading and waiting for the wisdom of the power users around here.

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