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I need to add a small correction to the above solution, you don't need
, it doesn't even work. Skip it and all is good:

Regarding other solutions, I contacted the author of one of the milters for archiving via psotfix:

and he explained the advantage of using the milter vs sender_bcc_maps/recipient_bcc_maps as follows:

One of the main issues with archiving SENT mail is that the user can essentially put any From: address they like. What we do to solve this problem is require that users must provide login credentials to send mail via smtp_auth. In this case the milter is able to see the username of the sender and determine where to archive it, regardless of what From: address is in the header. This is a case worth considering if the client requires the archive for legal reasons and not just backup purposes.

Sounds right to me, I think this is a more "proper" solution, am I right?
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