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Default email archiving

I've searched and found a couple of threads here asking the same question but no proper solution. Mostly these threads were a few years old so I am starting my own here.

Basically I have clients hosting their emails with me that need to comply with certain regional laws which means 100% reliable storage of all incoming/outgoing emails. Lets not worry about how I back this up, for now I only need a solution for archiving.

My base system runs ISPCFG3 with Debian Squeeze.

Needed features:
  • archive all emails, incoming and outgoing on a per email domain basis

Nice to have features:
  • web interface for searching and restoring from the archive into the original location
  • CLI for restoring from the archive into the original location

What I have found so far:
To be honest, the seemingly easiest solution from the ones I listed above seems to be this one: but I admit I don't completely understand it.

Does anyone here have a similar solution in place and is willing to share the details?
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