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Red face Ispconfig and dovecot email quota not updated after email erased


I have a quota set for some mailboxes through ispconfig.
They got filled up. Now when i manually delete the email inside of them through ssh the quota in ispconfig doesn't change and keeps throwing errors in the log: mailbox full, even though there are NO emails in the email folder /var/vmail/user/Maildir/cur.

As a temporary fix i increased the quota and am now experimenting on an email i created.
I have found the following:
By manually deleting the email in cur dovecot correctly reindexes emails upon client login, yet it doesn't update the used hd space in ispconfig quota field.

Ex. 1) Send 2 emails to testbox@test.te
Stat: Mailbox full: 3.0 KB out of 1 MB
2) Connect via client and read email.
Stat: Emails are moved from new to cur
3) Now connect via ssh to mail server and delete these sent emails from cur.
There are no copies, i checked via grep -lir "content in letter" * and find and ls -R. No copies of letters or their content exist. Not in /tmp, not in /var/spool/mail nowhere!
Stat: Mailbox full: 3.0 KB out of 1 MB
4) Send more mail (another 3 KB) repeating steps 1-3.
Stat: Mailbox full: 6.0 KB out of 1 MB.

How do i get ispconfig to reupdate the used hd space of a email user?
I am stumped.
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