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So i now managed to get access for myself to the mywife folder and preventing mywife to access myself. the problem now is that media still has access to mywife and it shouldn't.

The permissions is set add follows.
myself 700 (myself is owner and group)
mywife 770 (mywife is owner and marrige is group)
Movies 775 (myself is owner and marrige is group)

If i log in as mywife i don't se myself like it should and if i log in as myself i see everything. Yea But if i log in ad media i see and can access mywife which shouldn't be possible since media doesn't belong to marrige.

i have hide unreadable = yes set in the global section to prevent samba from showing folders that you don't have permission to read.

Any ideas how to get this to work ?

Cheers Tray2
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