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Default How to set DNS/NS correctly?

Firstly, this is for a personal website. This is the first time that I've set up a server and am trying to host a site myself.
All router settings seems fine:
  • I'm able to access ISPConfig via port 8080 (both inside and outside the network).
  • I'm able to SSH into the server using PuTTY (both inside and outside the network).
  • I'm able to access SquirrelMail inside the network.

In ISPConfig, I have created the Client/Domain/Website/FTP user.

The Problem:
I'm not able to FTP into the server with Filezilla or see any of the default index.html pages when I enter the domain name. I figure that it's probably the settings/configuration I have set in GoDaddy and DNSExit.

In GoDaddy, I've set the 4 nameservers pointing to DNSExit:

In DNSExit I have the hostname pointing to the home router's IP Address.

Based on what I know so far, it seems like everything is pointing correctly, so I'm stumped and do not understand why I'm not able to access the site or FTP to the site.

Does anyone have any pointers, guidance, or suggestions?

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