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I setup my system in accordance to the multi server setup that you can find in the ISPConfig Manual.

As I however was running it on Ubuntu there was some changes that needed to be made.

I had the following in a working configuration:
Web server running Apache2 that serves as Webserver and ISPconfig Panel
Mail server running Dovecot
DB server with Mysql
NS1 and NS2.

These are all behind one Router with firewall. I only have one External IP address so they are all sharing.

What I want to do is to add a server that handles a program called the BigBlueButton. It is a video sharing program that is open source and are targeting educational institutions. It works with the CMS TikiWiki.

I created a second web server with Ubuntu 10.04 as BigBlueButton. BigBlueButton server uses FreeSwitch and Nginx among other things. I installed Nginx in accordance to the ISPconfig instructions. I connected the server to the main server, and when I create a domain in ISPconfig and points it to the new server, it gets created. However when I try to get to the server, using the domain name I sent over there, instead of trying to hit the new server, it hits the old server and I get the generic Apache index.html file message.

I thought that when I hit the ispconfig server, that it would redirect the traffic to the right server behind the firewall. That may just be completely faulty thoughts as I may not understand how the DNS and Firewall works together with the ISPconfig (which is more likely the reason).

So my question is this. Do I need to have more External IP addresses, or could I possibly solve the issue by creating my own router where I have more control.

For example, could I create an NS server that can also act as DHCP server and router? And add it to the ISPconfig for control? Or would this not be such a good idea? It is a cool thought at least. That would also allow for easy IPv6 addition as we can use the tunneling if needed. (off topic)

And Falko. Thanks for helping me out on this one. You are an amazing help and I love the work you do here!
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