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Okay… Dumb question time:

Do I have to make those directories? Do I have to make them writable?

Would it be wiser to use chown root:root instead of chmod 777?

Originally Posted by datahellas View Post
I needed a backup script for ISPConfig 3. I found this one by go0ogl3 but it was not exactly what I needed. I needed to backup the databases and only the clients/clientX/webX/ directories for each web site on the server. So I created a shell script for backup (not restore) that it is very simple but works excellent (at least on my server).

The script will take a daily backup and a weekly backup. The daily backup is being refreshed everyday while the weekly backup every Sunday. The weekly backup is the last daily backup taken (Saturday's backup).

Link to the script:
ISPConfig3 backup script

Rename it to and chmod to 777 before you use it.
Open the file and set the variables in the very beginning (BACKUPDIR, CLIENTSDIR, DBUSER, DBPASS).
Install a crontab like the following to run it daily:

30 04 * * * /backup/ &> /dev/null

The script will put backups into these dirs:

I don't provide any support for this script. If you like it, use it.
Greetings from the Elxis CMS Team.
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