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Hi Keith,
since no one else has said it - I will, excellent article. Thanks. I was wondering though, do you have some more information about your tripwire setup? I have not used this before, but it does seem a good product.

Also, I could never quite get the RAID working in linux. Being a MCSE, I have only being 'playing' with linux for a couple of years and are very happy with it, however - I have only tried to setup RAID a couple of times, and messed it up both times, so did not bother. At the moment, I have hardware RAID on my web box - which I have two of. They have two SATA 160GB HDD. The first is a Windows .Net one, which - on install, reconises that the is only one drive (as it should at 160GB), but the Linux box when I built it, says there are two drives (which of course there is, but I wanted the OS to see it as ONE drive). Would your setup resolve this issue, as I am really paranoid that one HDD will 'crash' one day and it will be a full rebuild. Obviously, under Windows, I just down the system, replace the HDD and regenerate. I guess, it SHOULD be this easy under linux?

Thanks for your time.
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