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Default Trying to add a nginx webserver to an Apache2 master server

So I have an Ubuntu multi server ISPconfig setup.
I followed the instructions for the perfect multilevel server for the Debian server but added the configurations for Ubuntu. I have a Web/Master server, mail, db, ns1 and ns2.

The configuration is working great currently. However I needed to add another server that is using nginx for it's webserver as my customer needs to have a server with the BigBlueButton on it. BigBlueButton currently only support nginx so I followed the instructions on installing nginx and such to prepare to add the server to ISPconfig.

I have successfully added the server to the ISPconfig master server. And when I create a web domain on the new server, the path and everything is created. However when I try to go to the domain, it goes to the first domain's original index.html file.

So my problem is that my main server doesn't forward the domain to the new server. How can I find out what is going on? I have looked at logs and others and I just can't locate it.
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