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Default Pure-FTP needs additional setup for ISPconfig3

Originally Posted by till View Post
Please check that you used the full ftp username incl. prefix as it gets displayed in the FTP user list in ispconfig (not the details page).

If thats ok, check if the mysql username and password that you find in the pure-ftpd sql config gile are correct (e.g. by entering them into phpmyadmin).

Then check if the ftp user directory exists ( /var/www/yourdomain.tld/ ).
I also followed the tutorial for ISPconfig3 and read the manual, but could not get ftp to work. Pure-FTP works on my system after following the following howtoforge tutorial

I can login to a newly created ftp account with filezilla or from the commandline with no problems.

I think that maybe pure-ftp's mysql config file needs to be setup to use the ftp-users table from dbispconfig (ispconfig's mysql database). Also the user and group ID's for pure-ftp maybe should be set to ispconfig.

I checked the ftp_users table in dbispconfig and it has an entry added for an ftp user associated with a client and webpage. The website directories are created by ispconfig and the ispconfig ftpuser is setup with www/cleints/cleint1... however when logging on using ftp credentials created through ispconfig nothing works. Manually creating pure-ftp credentials without the use of ispconfig is a pain in the arsch but it works. I check that database table's data and it is populated and works for logging in. hmmm i'm thinking that i might change the pureftp_mysql.conf file to read from the dbispconfig database ..what the heck

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