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Originally Posted by till
I thought you were talking about ispconfig as you posted to the ispconfig forum.
Well, other vhosts on that server are managed by ISPConfig. And Nagios was, too. But it became a mess when I needed an upgrade -- too much copying around, so I used the method in the first post to include its "standard Apache config" (from distro packages), enclosing it in an ad-hoc vhost definition (that, incidentally, is the one ISPConfig generated)

Originally Posted by till
This is set automatically depending on the the auto subdomain you choose to ensure that wildcards come after the domains. So this should not be editable by the user or admin, its managed by ispconfig.
Uhm... Shouldn't a 'single digit' be enough for that?
Being able to redefine site ordering w/o changing host names is really useful for SNI-enabled servers, to guarantee a predefined ssl-vhost for non-SNI-enabled clients.
And should be really easy to implement...
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