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First of all than'q for answering me falko

Now ... i've got the apache instalation from ( setup 1.16 ) ...

And about httpd.conf file ... it doesn't have any exemple ... i think it's not a very popular version of apache in all forums i looked the httpd.conf file looks different I hope that's not a problem

I think it's easyer if i put the file ... and if u have time & wish to help me ... to solve it easyer . So here's the file

And about the exemple u saied that it should be ... i found one in other file ( witch is in the same folder with httpd.conf ) named " httpd.default.conf " ... it has a lil' example at the end of the file .... here'is the file If this is what i searched i have to delet " # " before the example and replace it with the code i entered in first message ?

Thank you again for your time

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