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Default Setting up a SSL Domain

Hi Everyone,

I just installed the securing-your-ispconfig-3-installation-with-a-free-class1-ssl-certificate-from-startssl using the howto, which was great. Now I access the control panel securely, and webmail as well.

But I have 2 questions regarding setting up a SSL website.

1) Do I still need another SSL certificate installed via the control panel at Sites->Website->SSL? Because even though it is the same domain as my server I can't access it without the untrusted browser warning when I go to https://mydomain.tld.

2) The example is the manual (I'm using for the form field SSL Domain shows a sub domain but I can't get a sub domain I've created to show up in the SSL Domain field in my control panel. Maybe it doesn't matter. I was just going to make the sub domain checkout.mydomain.tld SSL rather than the whole site. Is there some way to get a sub domain to be one of the selections?

Many thanks!
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