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I managed to find a wordpress configuration on the which is waaaay more mind boggling than the one shown on your tutorial. It even recodes your nginx.conf to work with wordpress, cluster servers, multi site compatibility, proxies, and caching.

Then it gave the optimized vhost code which needed me to make 5 external files... The vhost which is on your tutorial is what i was using and it did not work, however after a few hours working on this it works now.

But for some stupid reason all of my files and folders are set as random owners such as "client0" "web1" web2" "web3" "ispconfig" "ispdb" and even "falko"

I dont know why but it is causing me tons of wasted time having to change the users on my websites folders. THEY WILL NOT work read/write under those user accounts. Once set to Apache once a php error ridden website is now clean as a whistle.

Another problem is postfix, i believe this is my SMTP? it wont turn on and it will not tell me why. It just says Stopping Postfix... [FAILED] Starting Postfix... [FAILED]

What port does this use if it could be that i doubt it. I am sure all ports are open.
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