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Default moodledata problem


I have a very strange problem.
I have set-up Debian Lenny (perfect install) with ISPConfog 3.
No problems at all.

Then I created reseller (client 2) and user under him (client 3).
Then I downloaded and unpacked all files for Moodle 1.9.7.
Unpacked it under client 3, set up permissions etc.

Then I created moodledata directoy, set up permissions etc.
And then Moodle was unable to procecced wit hinstalation because it was unable to see or write into directry moodledata. Note: moodledata is OUTSIDE of Web directoy. PHP safe mode is OFF.

So, here it is:

After some 30 minutes, and after changing ownership (including setting to www-data) and permissions finally I found out that if I point installation to /var/www/clients/client3/web1/tmp (owner: client2, group: web1, permissions: 0777) then installation will go further.

However, when I try to apply those settings for permissions from tmp directory to my moodledata directory it FAILS! Even if I delete moodledata and create different directory with different name and try to apply settings such as R/W: 0777, Owner web1, group client2 (or client 3) IT FAILS !!!

What I am doing wrong ???
Nenad Bulatovic
Debian Lenny & ISPConfig 3

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