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Default upload_max_filesize unchangeable?


I am running into problems changing upload_max_filesize on a Debian Squeeze Ispconfig3 installation (which works like a charm btw .
Normally this should be a rather trivial task, but as it turns out it is not:

I am running a website under FastCGI with SuExec.

In /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini I changed:
upload_max_filesize = 20M
memory_limit = 129M

(i made these changes to all php.ini's (mod_apache,cgi,cli) as well to make sure).

Nevertheless Apache remains unimpressed by my changes, all values still remain default (upload_max_filesize 2M, memory_limit 128M). # apache2ctl restart makes no difference.
Interestingly, however AllowOverride All is set properly, I cannot even override the values with ini_set(...) neither.

Now I am really running out of ideas. Has anybody any idea where I am missing the point?

Any idea/help is very appreciated!
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