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Thanks for your offer to help out. We are currently working on a redesign of the ispconfig website and we might use some other software to organize the project in future, so the infrastructure will get modernized step by step.

We do not plan to switch to a different forum though as howtoforge is one of the largest sponsors of the ispconfig project.

people are willing to help improve ISPConfig (my impression in the forum)
Many users like to contribute until they realise that it requires to dedicate some of their time to do it. For example the ui post that you linked above, never heard anything back from him. Same for the wiki, we started it 4 or 5 times as free wiki because users promised that they wanted to maintain it and crontribute information. It never lasted longer then 2 - 3 weeks until they stopped contributing as they realised that it causes some work to maintain a wiki and that they have to check it daily if they are the administrator in charge. At the end I had to delete all the spam comments daily myself and we had to close the wiki.

One example: I am not able to edit my own feature requests.
You cant edit them because we had to disable that function as spammers posted reasonable requests first and when the requests moved to the second page after a few months they added spam links to their posts.

Getting code contributions to ispconfig is a two sided sword. On the one side, its great to get some code contributed, on the other side it tooks often longer to fix it then it would have taken to write it on your own. To write secure code for a admin panel you have to know a lot about linux system administration, security and programming.

For example the contributions of language files works great, they can be created with the ispconfig language editor, exported as a single file and then imported on other servers. Themes are uncritcal as well as the interface part does not run as root and the theme files do not contain any php code.

Contribution to the other parts of ispconfig are more critical, we received contributions that destabilized the core, caused failing updates, destroyed jails etc. Nothing of these things happened due to bad habit, its just missing knowledge about details of Linux systems and you wont see this problems if you just take a short look at the code. So we have to decide if we want to set the focus on a stable software or more contributors and I guess most users of ispconfig would prefer the stability. Currently the development is done by employed developers of the companys ISPConfig UG and projektfarm GmbH and a few larger ISP's that use ispconfig. We welcome every new developer or company that likes to participate in the ispconfig development but as you might see from my explanations, contributing to ispconfig is not as easy as contributing to a cms system or writing a plugin for wordpress and thats not caused by the ispconfig enviroment only.
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