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I really do see your point. You have great experience with svn but ...
While I really love ISPConfig 3 the "environment around" the Core seams to be outdated.
Let me just list my impressions from my point of view as a systems architect not as a programmer.
You take following facts into consideration:
  1. ISPConfig is open-source
  2. people are willing to help improve ISPConfig (my impression in the forum)
  3. Bugtracker Flyspray is discontinued
  4. SVN is outdated (sorry, my personal opinion. do not take it the wrong way)
  5. the Wiki is not an open wiki
  6. vBulletin is a pain for me
  7. UI is not outdated but not 100% Web 2.0 (

That leads me to the following conclusions:
  1. GitHub hosting would be totally free forever (I know sourceforge is free as well);
  2. <see other points>
  3. Bugzilla/MantisBT, maybe Trac are considered the "standards"; you need to abandon discontinued software - One example: I am not able to edit my own feature requests.
  4. GitHub would lower the threshold to contribute (one click for a fork) -> more forking by external contributors
  5. use a wiki software to let people contribute to the wiki -> you can search the wiki and do not need to search the forum and the other resources you provide on the website
  6. vBulletin + the subforum-style at makes it hard to search at least for me (is anyone with me on that?)
  7. The new skin "larry" of Roundcube 0.8 beta totally blows me away.I am a sucker for simplicity. Would be great to have a matching skin for ISPConfig. Maybe with good collaboration it can be possible

After all this critique I need to emphasize that I came from Plesk, WHM and Confixx and they are no match to ISPConfig.
I am ready to contribute to a move to a more modern environment for ISPConfig if you want my help.

Would be great to get a few replies to this post.

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