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Lightbulb Force https

Hi ISPConfig Devs,

I am currently in the re-customization phase after the latest ISPConfig 3 Update.

I am using a .htaccess file to enforce SSL on the subdomain of the control-panel. For me this is not the most elegant way of solving the problem.
Roundcube has a nice variable called "force_https". If it is true ssl is enforced.

The implementation in the index.php (of Roundcube 0.8 beta):

// check if https is required (for login) and redirect if necessary
if (empty($_SESSION['user_id']) && ($force_https = $RCMAIL->config->get('force_https', false))) {
  $https_port = is_bool($force_https) ? 443 : $force_https;
  if (!rcube_https_check($https_port)) {
    $host  = preg_replace('/:[0-9]+$/', '', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
    $host .= ($https_port != 443 ? ':' . $https_port : '');
    header('Location: https://' . $host . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
This way it would work "out-of-the-box" without .htaccess file in Apache and nginx.
I hope this could be taken into consideration for the next minor release.

Feature Request:

Greatings from Germany,

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