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Originally Posted by Woodsman View Post
I think so, but am not sure. What's the output of
locate imapd.pem


[root@server1 ~]# updatedb
[root@server1 ~]# locate imapd.pem
[root@server1 ~]#
should be the correct files.

Originally Posted by Woodsman View Post
Tried Debian as a few others unfortunately I needed to update LAMP and the response from the forums were not so pleasant while asking how to do this.
Some people don't look kindly to us Linux Newbe's asking questions about servers when they feel we should be working on the basic fundamentals of the OS first.
I really recommend to use Debian (or Ubuntu) because its package manager is far better than Fedora's. Also, you will have less trouble with distribution upgrades. Also, we develop ISPConfig on Debian, so Debian support is much better than Fedora support. In addition to that, ISPConfig does not support all Fedora versions, for example, Fedora 16 isn't currently supported because they changed the way how services are started/stopped/restarted.

Originally Posted by Woodsman View Post
As of this point I installed everything according to this guide including all the above Fedora changes... All seemed to have installed correctly with no errors.
But According to Eddy Nigg's StartCom CertMaster via email
I can't see a trusted certificate installed, sorry.
Please check Apache's error log.
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