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Default HA SSL Setup

I have 2 ISPconfig servers that are setup for redundancy behind my firewall.

I've setup my public IPs on the firewall and then specify internal IP's on each server.

Public - NAT - - Server 1 - - Server 2

It works great, however when I add an SSL site, it breaks the system.

For instance, I will create a new ssl site on the master. I then assign an internal IP on the master server then setup a public IP to NAT to it. - - Server 1

This works fine but then breaks apache on Server 2. The apache entry is created for, which isnt on that server. If I can create on server 2, and edit the apache site, will the site get overwritten? The SSL certificate is a wildcard and it used on both servers, so that shouldn't be a problem.

I will then create a failover group on my firewall to determine which server the user will get sent to.

I just want to make sure that the vhost directive isn't going to get overwritten when I adjust anything on the master. I suppose it's fine, if I edit that particular site, I will just know I need to do manual editing on server 2. If I create a new site entirely, I don't want to have to edit every other site on server 2.

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