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Post pure-ftpd on centos 5.8

Hi to all,
i am uite newby to ispconfig. but finally i got ISPconfig3 following the perfect guide.

The first issue i had for noe if for the FTP user using pure-ftpd installed from repos. filezilla client correcltly connects to server but give the error:
Disconnected from server ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted
i can't read server directories.

Iptables is disabled, fail2ban was disabled for testing portposes, the only thing log says is user is connected then dissconected, i did try to use another FTP client, same error.

also i have tried with passive or active connection, no luck.

i take a look the client directory exist, it existes, maybe a path ? problem in the ISPconfig cp? but i don't really find a way to fix it
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