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Default Problem when adding more than one site

Hi All,

First visit here as i've only just set up my first debian 6 server (Using one of the guides here so many thanks for that) which was great but i ve now come across a problem and im hoping you can help me out

I ve set up my dns records for my base site fine and I created my first site using ispconfig3 fine and pointed my domain at it and again all works perfectly.

I now want to create a second site so i've followed the same process but when i browse to the new site (I have also checked using the hosts file) it points at the servers root showing me the servers root webpage and not the ispconfig new site web page, i ve also set up ftp which goes to the right place so i know its been created on the server, i ve tired several different sites and replicated my first site exactly and nothing has worked, i seem to only be able to set up one site for some reason which im sure is wrong

Can anyone give me an idea as to why this is happening please, I hope i ve explained myself properly

Many Thanks

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