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Yes, "NEIGHBOUR_DEVS=all" was set in the /etc/vz/vz.conf file and the server has been restarted since it was set so I know it's in.

I tried running arpsend myself and got the following results:

arpsend -D -e eth0 (Note: 192.168.5.x/24 interface)
arpsend: is detected on another computer : 00:30:48:67:3c:e4

arpsend -D -e eth1 (Note: 192.168.6.x/24 interface)
(This request hangs indefinitely)

I do not know who has a Mac of "00:30:48:67:3c:e4". I have not been able to locate it on any of my other systems and I can't believe there would be any 192.168.6.x systems on the 192.168.5.x network. It would almost have to be running in promiscuous mode as any IP I try arpsend with returns in use.

So it looks like arpsend is returning a detected message on the first interface and that it does not proceed to the second. Never the less there are two issues as I see it:
1. Why is arpsend returning a conflict on eth0?
2. Why does arpsend hang when I try it on eth1?

So I am guessing that both of these will need to be resolved. Hopefully this information will spur some thoughts from others. Thanks for your reply.
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