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Default Using ISPConfig2 on a local server

I've set up a Perfect Server with ISPConfig2 and all seems to be working. The purpose of the server is as a testing server for Wordpress, Joomla, and static stuff that I do from time to time. The server will only be used on my local network, and will not be exposed to the Internet.

I'm not sure exactly how I need to configure ISPConfig2 to let me do this. For example, I want one 'site' for Wordpress, another for Joomla. I would like to be able to access them from any web browser on my local network, and also FTP files to them from the local network.

Is there a FAQ on how to do this, and if so can some kind soul point me to it please? My immediate questions are what IP address do I use for the sites, do I just use the IP address of the server ( And what DNS configuration do I have to do to the client machines so they can find my sites?

Thanks in anticipation.
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