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Hi till

Thank you for the explanations. Very kind :)

So I let everything as it was, except that I decided to allow SSH. Again, I have some questions.

I managed to get Jailkit running. However I have some security concerns.

1) Jailkit CHROOT is more secure than "NONE" CHROOT?
It's seems so. Is it?

Then, what makes me fear.

After logging in with a Jailkit account, I can see some files and folders which should not be visible/editable (I guess). I have:

/bin and all files in there seem secure to me?
/cgi-bin is empty, seems fine too?
/dev and files in there (null, tty & urandom), what is this?
/etc fear! should this dir be there? And it's content:
/home makes sense :)
/lib & /lib64 again, I have no idea what the files in there are...
/usr with subfolders /bin, /lib, /sbin & share - seems fine?
/var with a folder /run - this seems to be for MySQL?

I know this is a lot of stuff.... :)

Thank you, once again.
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