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Question ISPConfig Web Config Questions

Hi HowToForge Community

Today I tried to have a deeper look into the ISPConfig web configuration options and came across some options I was not able to find further information.

Therefor I thought it would be best, to post my questions here.

1) Add web users to -sshusers- group
This is activated by default.
Am I right, that this is only used in combination with Jailkit? I don't want my clients to connect to my server via SSH - so would this be one I should definitely uncheck?
Or what does this exactly?

2) Connect Linux userid to webid
This is unchecked by default.
Can someone please explain to me, what this does and what for it can be useful?

3) Make relative symlinks
This is unchecked by default.
I found some information in the manual, but there are no explanations why this is useful. Again, I would really appreciate it, if someone could explain to me.

Last but not least, Enable SNI. The hint in the manual says, that this is only needed if I want to run multiple SSL on the same IP. So if I don't plan to do this, can I safely deactivate it?

Thank you all for the help!
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