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Default Same problem, did you solve?

Did you ever solve this? I am having the exact same problem on CentOS 5.7. If you could tell me your solution I would be grateful!

It seems like ISPConfig didn't install into Apache and so nothing is listening on 8080....just like what you describe. Hopefully you have solved and can help me! Thanks!

Originally Posted by giuly View Post
Hello I try to install on a server with centos 5.6 all the packages in guide perfect server, and so all packages included ispconfig, all other packages works well, but not ISP config that doesn't start if I insert on web browser my ip:8080

I don't have domain, but only a ip address
I don't know if I had wrong thing in file hosts but
I see correctly
phpmyadmin on browser
I see correctly
squirrelmail on browser
but if i enter or with /
it doesn't start
please any advice
I see a blank white page...
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