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Default stuck again

Hello. I wasn't sure if I should create a new thread or not as I have another question but unrelated to the first post. Anyways, I decided to just reply...

I decided to start fresh with a new install of everything (following falko's guide again) as I had messed around a lot with my last install just testing things and experimenting. Long story short, I figured a reinstall would be quicker than going though and resetting/deleting everything I shouldn't have installed or changed.

So once again, perfect install. no problems there. I have a fresh install, I did everything I had learned from the last one but I'm just missing something. When I go to my website lets say, I get the blue "Welcome to nginx on EPEL!" page rather than the green page I think I should have gotten. So when I uploaded my website, it only displays the nginx page.

I know I'm just missing some minor step but Ive been searching for hours and nothing has come up, nor can i remember what I did before... :/

Thanks ahead of time.
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