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Default Dual NIC weird Issue, one crashes and one still works

I have ISPConfig 2.2 setup with two network cards. One NIC has an internal IP address, while the other one has a WAN IP. Sometimes the WAN IP crashes and stops responding to web requests in both port 80 and 81 (ISPConfig). I can still reach the server if I use the internal IP address on both ports 80 and 81.

Has anyone else experience this issue before? I had a feeling that maybe someone is DDosing my server but I'm not too sure if that's the case or that particular part just keeps crashing. I have to reboot the server in order to get it back to listen on the WAN IP and have the website load.

I only have one site setup on the ISPConfig server. When I try to load the site from the outside DNS name, it tries to connect to the site, it looks like it gives a response but then just times out.
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