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Question Remote Users, Adding a Client

I've been trying to get the 'client_add' remoting option to work as I would expect, but maybe I'm expecting too much.

Trying to add a new client, I am setting the following variables:
PHP Code:
$params = array(
"company_name" => $client_data['companyname'],
"contact_name" => $client_data['firstname']." ".$client_data['lastname'],
"username" => $details['option1']['value'],
"password" => $details['option3']['value'],
"language" => "en",
"usertheme" => 'default',
"street" => $client_data['address1']." ".$client_data['address2'],
"zip" => $client_data['postcode'],
"city" => $client_data['city'],
"state" => $client_data['state'],
"country" => $client_data['country'],
"telephone" => $client_data['phonenumber'],
"mobile" => "",
"fax" => "",
"email" => $client_data['email'],
"internet" => $client_data['domainname'],
"icq" =>"",
"notes" => $client_data['notes'],
"default_webserver" => $options['option3']['value'],
"default_mailserver" => $options['option3']['value'],
"default_dnsserver" => $options['option3']['value'],
"default_dbserver" => $options['option3']['value'],
"limit_web_ip" => $options['option2']['value'],
"template_master" => $options['option1']['value']); 
What isn't working as expected, is the "limit_web_ip." What I am expecting is that when the user creates a new site, they will only be able to use the IP I set in this field, assuming it is one of the server's configured IP addresses. Am I correct?

If yes, it is not working properly. The user can still select the asterisk or any of the IP addresses assigned to the server. How do I resolve this?

If I am incorrect, is there any functionality built in that would allow this restriction?

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