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Default Dns problems via ISPCONFIG setup


First of all, I am posting this here and not in the ISPconfig section, because I am not sure if its a server issue or related to ISPconfig. Please excuse any deviation from forum rules.
I seem to have a weird situation, described below:

Basic conditions: server is a Centos 6.2 x64, installed following the general guidelines of Falko's guide.

Ispconfig: installed, with a client added.

Firewall: used the one in ispconfig, open ports:
TCP: 20,21,25,53,80,110,143,443,993,995,2012,3306,8080, 8081,10000 (probably going to eliminate 10000)
UDP: 53, 3306
I will close off ftp and 3306 after finishing the configuration.

PROBLEM: I added the client in the ispconfig admin interface. Then I logged in with the client credentials. In the client interface, I created a new website, new mail domain and new dns entries for that specific domain.
But for some reason, the dns settings will not work. I mean the interface accepts them without any visible error message and the records do show up, but when I question the server via nslookup, it fails. Before someone asks, yes, the domain has been redirected to the new IP address from my domain provider.

I thought that maybe named needs a restart, so I gave the whole server a reboot, for good measure. Still, no joy.

Any ideas? I went through the ispconfig manual, unfortunately I did not find any meaningful ideas there.

Help would be much appreciated. Whats bugging me is that I followed the same steps I would normally use on a 5.7 Centos and it worked perfectly there on every server. Now, in 6.2, I'm missing something


Edit: I also tried setting up the dns via the direct admin interface (w/o any client account) - that does not work either. The changes at the domain provider were made almost 12 hours ago and its a national domain, so it should have synced a long time ago.


Edit2: named failed too, but it was because of the rndc key issue that popped up in Centos 6 (found the bug and discussion page). Fixed it (at least named now starts and stops without giving error messages.). Main issue still very much active.

Edit3: pinging fails, but pinging works So it resolves something, but I'll be damned if I know where and how.

At this moment I am desperate enough to scrap the whole setup and go back to Centos 5.7.

Records look like this:

MX 10
NS 0
NS 0
NS 0

I bet Falko could sort this out in no-time

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