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Originally Posted by Rock
Can I run both ns1 and ns2 from the same machine?
Yes, though it's not optimal. In this case you create only master records, no slave records (the slave records would be on the same machine anyway, so that makes no sense).

Originally Posted by Rock
Is "Managed DNS" something like a license so that one can run our own DNS server? Or is it just a service for you to state the NameServer of your choice?
It's a service I buy from my registry. I buy Managed DNS for my domain, so I can create ns1 - which I can then use to run my own name servers.

Originally Posted by Rock
How can I change the ip now? I would have to learn to change it later, when I move my machine to a data centre with a static ip.
Have a look here:

Originally Posted by Rock
I also realised that I have 2 httpd directory located at /etc/httpd/ and /root/ispconfig/httpd/, does this mean I have 2 installation of the web server?
For each of the website that I create, should I be getting a new entry of virtualhost in httpd.conf?
/etc/httpd is for your main Apache, and /root/ispconfig/httpd is for ISPConfig's Apache (the one running on port 81). IT is used only for ISPConfig, not for your web sites, and if your main Apache fails you can still access ISPConfig.
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