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What happens if you remove these lines:
DefaultRoot / root
DefaultRoot / photo1
DefaultRoot /var/www www-data
DefaultRoot ~
DeleteAbortedStores on
HiddenStor on
LoginPasswordPrompt off
RootLogin off
DisplayConnect /etc/proftpd.mesg
MaxLoginAttempts 1
UseFtpUsers on
AllowRetrieveRestart on
IdentLookups on
MaxClientsPerHost 15 "Methinks you are hogging my bandwidth. Begone wastrel!"
SyslogLevel emerg
DirFakeGroup off
DirFakeUser off
PassivePorts 1024 1024
RequireValidShell off
TimeoutLogin 20
UseReverseDNS on
SystemLog /var/log/proftp
from /etc/proftpd.conf and restart proftpd?
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